Stop.Don't Go There is a collaborative performance work focused on the intersection of the organic and the inorganic. Centered around the constructed nature of boundaries, this work in performances asks the audience to question the relationship between audience and performer, composer and live performance, and the relationship between sound and movement.The sources for this piece combine natural and artificial materials to create textures in sound and video projection. Utilizing microprocessors and sensors to determine the final output for the piece, the performance relies on gesture and proximity of performers to activate and shape the sounds and projections.

   This piece has been performed in SYNESTHESIA multimedia performances in Walter Art  in Baltimore, Maryland. The performances was a multimedia new music project featuring collaborative works by Peabody composers and instrumentalists together with MICA (Maryland Institute college of Arts)



Composer: Weilu Ge 

Video Projection: Bryan Funk 

Tech, Sound Deisgn: J Money Fur

Costumes: Yeji Kim

Live performers: Bryan Funk, J Money Fur

Live electronics: Weilu Ge