An old piece I did two years ago for a concert during Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD) in Germany. It was a performance piece, but unfortunately, we were not allowed to have video documentation. So only a few people know it ever happened...  I have a sound file and backstage pictures as evidence... 

Initially, these were some abandoned ideas for YUE's thesis project... 

Ideas in progress for Doppelganger-Symbiosis 

This is a pre-processed recording (voice by Kelon and YUE as you might have recognized). They were reading the first two paragraphs from the original Chinese literature The Peach Blossom Spring. (written in ancient Chinese form) 


I haven't decided how I wanna process it. But I would like to share this recording and the idea of The Peach Blossom Spring.  

The Peach Blossom Spring

晋太元中,武陵人捕鱼为业。缘溪行,忘路之远近。忽逢桃花林, 夹(jiā)岸数百步,中无杂树,芳草鲜美,落英缤纷。渔人甚异之。复前行,欲穷其林。

Ancient Chinese and English translation:

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