Doppelgänger is an interactive audiovisual installation that explores the idea of surveillance capitalism. It creates an immersive experience that bridges between the physical body and virtual personas. The audience is invited to interact with multimedia elements and characters in a fictional environment while their behavior data being constantly tracked, which reflects the digital dystopia where people’s lives are recorded and analyzed by the ubiquitous tracking devices and hidden powers.

Media: 4 channel speakers, 3 projectors and 1 TV screen. 3 Kinect camera 

software: TouchDesigner, Unity3d and Autodesk Maya 

Sound/generative visuals/programming: Weilu Ge

Animation: Kelon Cen

Scene 1


Scene 2 - viewer's motion tracked by computer vision algorithm

Scene 3 - Kinect mirror interaction 

Scene 3 video

Scene 4 Finale video

TV Avatar 

@2018 by Weilu Ge