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Media: interactive installation

Duration: repeating audio/video loop (4 audiovisual scenes triggered by “bubble”)


Sound/generative visuals/programming: Weilu Ge 

3D Animation: Kelon Cen  


Abstract: Bubble fiction is an interactive installation. The audience is invited to explore an imaginative and immersive space by following the trace of an interactive “bubble” cube. It uses a webcam and a contact transducer as input devices detecting the color and movement of the object in order to control both the image and sound. Through the four different scenarios of the two anthropomorphic body parts, Eye and Mouth, Bubble fiction depicts the state of speaking (output) and seeing (input), chaos and tranquility in the context of fast-paced social media. Through this piece, the authors try to explore the theme of social interaction and the musical meaning in constructional noise. The system is developed in TouchDesigner, Max/msp, GRM-tools and Autodesk Maya.

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