Weilu Ge is a composer and media artist based in Cambridge. She works with various media forms, from concert music, installation, performance to video and innovative technology. Since 2015, she has focused her research and career on experimental and intermedia theatre in the role of a Composer-Director, exploring the potential of sound and space as the medium that integrates other art forms and helps create a comprehensive artistic expression. She is interested in blurring the boundaries between minimalism and complexity, noise and silence, seeing and listening, thinking and sensing. Her recent practice and experiments often center around theatrical expression and dramaturgy of sonic, visual and spatial media, taking composition and space as critical means to inquiry about relations between power, system, body, and technology in a social-cultural context. She is an active member of  IMUU , an artist collective and practice-based research lab specializing in working with intermedia narratives to create interactive and immersive experiences.

    Weilu’s works have been presented at festivals and conferences internationally. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Creative Practice and Critical Inquiry at Harvard University. Weilu holds an InterSchool MFA in Composition & Experimental Sound Practice & Art and Technology & Integrated Media from the California Institute of the Arts.